Photo Shoot Session

$175.00 - $1,050.00
  • Photo Shoot Session
  • Photo Shoot Session
  • Photo Shoot Session
  • Photo Shoot Session
  • Photo Shoot Session

Photo Shoot Time!!!!!
Book a photo session for creating and building your portfolio, branding images, or for an editorial level shoot just for fun.

The images filling this beautiful website were shot by Jendayi. Jendayi has had the pleasure of starting and expanding many model portfolios, creating the main content and imagery for start-ups and influencers, and shooting amazing events.

This is a tentative way to book with Jendayi. Sessions are limited, so book as soon as you know you are ready! When this product says "Sold Out" that means Jendayi is closed for shoots, for the moment, but will be adding more date options soon.

-Most photo sessions will include 2 Photographers (Jendayi & an assisting shooter)
-3 Portfolio Edits and 5 Media Edits come with every session.
+Portfolio Edits: Are editorial level images, that can be submitted to publications [magazines], any sites requiring high resolution images, and can be printed at a large size.
+Media Edits: Are images edited at for all social media platforms, it could be a flyer style edit, with your contact information on it, or a clean edit like a portfolio edit, with a lower resolution. Can be printed at medium-large sizes.

-Additional Edits can be purchased for $10 each
You can receive up to 50 additional Raw/Unedited/Bloopers in addition to your edits!

Thank you so much for booking with Jendayi. We look forward to capturing all your best angles.