$35.00 - $500.00

You want to support the Jendayi brand, but none of the pieces are what you need currently or sold out...?

Well, first, THANK YOU! Jendayi loves you & NEEDS you and your support!

All donations will be funneled straight back into Jendayi and most likely back into your pocket through support of your own brand (Jendayi Shops Small) or through community outreach, programs, or support.

As a young entrepreneur, the CEO of Jendayi makes sure at least 80% of her purchases are from local, small, or independently owned businesses (startups), so not only are you supporting Jendayi, but you are supporting so many others.

Thank you is an understatement of Gratitude.
Jendayi is soooooooo grateful for you & we NEED you!

Thank you so much!
We will show the world why so many truly can say #ILoveJendayi***

***Please contact if you need a receipt for your annual Write-Off, Following your donations!