Who Designed Your Amazing Flyers?... Have you heard of Delinda Arts

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Jendayi had the pleasure of working with an extremely talented Artist based in Atlanta, Georgia, that goes by the name, Delinda Arts. Having the pleasure of working with Artist and creator of Delinda Arts, Matthew Bloomer, was a positive experience worth sharing. As Delinda Arts becomes a team of Artist in the new year, the creativity will be able to spread more rapidly. 

With the unique characters, commonly called "vibed out" people, Matthew Bloomer created a unique signature with his work. Incoporating Jendayi's photography of real models and turning them into literal graphic art, this collaboration was perfect for Art Basel & has grabbed the attention of so many viewers! 

Jendayi evaluates all the Artists it chooses to collaborate with. As a young budding brand, created by a young entrepreneur, the creator, Dara Jendayi, knows how important it is to support other young talent. Being young and talented is not enough in this day with the visibility of thousands of aspiring Artists through social media, that is where professionalism and work ethic trump.


Working with Delinda Arts, is the experience you want to have when working with an Artist on an important project. Adhering to strict deadlines, incorporating the brand fully in the advertisements, and promptly correcting any errors- this is the quality work any and every professional looks to work with.  

Delinda Arts has clients in multiple states throughout the U.S. and has reached supporters & fans of his artwork across the globe in places like London. Visit for more information on this talented individual, watch the expansion as Delinda Arts grows from an individual into a team, and follow @Delinda_Arts on all social media! 

The new generation of greats are coming! Are you ready? Come see Jendayi at Art Basel Miami December 3rd - 5th!