Meet the student Artist from Miami who will be showing at Art Basel alongside some of New York's emerging talents!

Dara JendayiComment

Some of New York's top emerging talent will be showing at the Jendayi.Art on DEKZ exhibit weekend this December at Art Basel. This exhibit presented an opportunity for student-Artist, Foy Reed of Miami, to showcase his work too. 

Currently finding his way through the Art world, Foy focuses on creating at this time. A student at the Arts-focused institution, DMAC, Foy has learned a lot as he tries to find his signature style. 

"Honestly, I just draw whatever is on my mind at the time. Youll find me creating concept art of both superheroes and cartoon characters. Reason being that I am a fan boy for the heroes in tightsand the unique stylized 2 dimensional line arts. Basically my inner child and my comic book nerd side are collaborating to create something new.
When Im not creating heroic concepts, I work on other Illustration pieces. Most of these pieces are focused on both male and female dynamic anatomy and posing. As an artist you should never shy away for continuous practice and going back to the basics. Its what helps us to perfect our skills and enhance our knowledge of things we see from day to day. Being inspired by superheroes and cartoons is what brought me here as an artist and I just want to share that kind of inspiration with the world in hopes it will do the same for other future artists." 
- Foy Reed

Come see Foy's work alongside the extremely talented Artists of New York, at the Day Party Friday December 4, 2015 & the Open Gallery Saturday December 5, 1:00p- 5:00p at Museo Vault! 

See You There!