Jendayi's Mission:

"To provide the innovative high fashion wardrobe for the individual who invests in their dreams, their Art, themselves."

The Pursuit of Jendayi is to dress the "seemingly" everyday individuals who consistently take themselves to the next level in life by investing in their dreams, their Art, themselves.

Jendayi consistently expands in clothing design, photography, blogging, outreach, and charity through fashion. Jendayi spreads important values like faith, self-love, and beauty through wardrobe and the way it is presented. Jendayi focuses on the individuals who value the Art of Fashion. 

Jendayi's collections are for the individual that knows they are heading to the next level and values the importance of portraying that in every aspect of their appearance. Jendayi is for the individual that possesses the self-esteem, faith, determined spirit, and innovation to create their own world, and desires a wardrobe that reflects these internal gems. Jendayi creates and promotes regality. The individual who dresses with Jendayi dresses for who they already know they are, and who the world will see them continuously evolve into.